What is a Carriage House Garage Door?

carriage houseCarriage house garage doors hearken back to a time when oil lamp lit streets were traversed via horse and buggy. Horses and carriages were housed in “carriage houses” also referred to as “coach houses.” The carriage house was smaller than a barn and usually only found on wealthier estates. A typical carriage house featured wide, wooden swinging or sliding doors large enough to accommodate the horse and carriage.

Obviously, the horse drawn carriage is no longer the common mode of travel, instead progress has made way for the modern garage housing the modern day car, truck, or minivan. Yet, taste and style have also progressed beyond the standard, simple, steel garage door of the 70’s with its plain features that offered little in the way of curb appeal, according to Natur . While garage door styles have changed over the years no style has quite mimicked the look of a bygone era like the carriage house garage door.

Curb Appeal

In search of classic curb appeal many homeowners are returning to the style that is reminiscent of the predecessor to the modern day garage: the carriage house door. Curb appeal is a high priority for many homeowners and to that end what was once old is now new again with the growing popularity of the carriage house garage door. Most of today’s homes can benefit from the visually appealing attractiveness of the modern day carriage house style garage door. The carriage house garage door can be found in a wide array of colors, finishes, and styles appropriate for almost any home.


Carriage house doors were originally constructed of wood with iron hinges. The wood provided insulation against cold winters and hot summers. While modern garage doors have been constructed from wood and galvanized steel, today’s modern doors have a layer of styrofoam between the sheets of steel, although some homeowners are opting for solid wood garage doors for a more authentic carriage style.

The modern carriage house door is designed to look like vintage carriage house doors constructed of wood or steel with composite or vinyl overlays. The decorative details finish off the nostalgic look and design and style vary from rustic country charm to refined, classic styles with timeless appeal. Most steel doors are stamped with a wood grain and some include beaded style inset panels. Decorative options such as faux hinges, criss-cross “barn” style planking, quaint windows, and large handles are available as well. Finishes can include a variety of colors or even faux wood. All the charm of yesteryear with all the low maintenance and modern convenience of overhead opening with remote control.


About 20% of garage doors sold today evoke the nostalgia of the carriage houses of a bygone era. Many options are available for under $1,000.00 depending on the size, features, and materials you choose. Moderately priced garage doors in a carriage house style can be found easily and most include manufacturers’ warranties. Updating an outdated garage door to a classic carriage house garage door can be a simple, affordable option with high impact that instantly boosts the curb appeal of any home.