What Are the Best Doors for New Construction?

New DoorsIf you’re planning to build a new home, perhaps you’re wondering about what your best options are for entry doors. You have many possible choices. The best doors for your new construction project will depend on several factors specific to your situation, including your budget, style preferences, local climate, level of need for security, and degree of need for energy efficiency.

Steel Doors

A high percentage of new home builders have identified steel doors as being the best doors for new construction, as evidenced by the fact that this is the most popular fabrication for entry doors in new construction projects. This has been the case for quite some time, as reported by The New York Times in the past, and confirmed in the present by a current entry door trend report at Decorators Wisdom.

Steel doors are usually the most cost-effective option for entry doors, and they tend to offer the best value for the money spent on them. Steel doors are also a more energy-efficient choice than wood doors, offering more insulation.

For security purposes, steel doors are a smart choice, as they provide strength and protection. However, the door itself is not the main consideration for home security. The lock, hardware and jamb installed along with the door also play important roles in determining the home’s overall level of security.

Wood Doors

For some home builders with specific design requirements, wood could possibly be the best choice of fabrications for their new construction projects. There are several situations in which wood doors are ideal:

  • When the construction project would be best served by installing a high-end, traditional style of door design, wood doors would be beneficial.
  • When the construction project calls for a non-standard door shape, or unusual door size, a wood door may be the best option, or possibly even the only option, depending on the door shape or size desired.
  • Wood doors are also suitable for use in construction projects requiring unique glass window configurations to be incorporated into the design.

Wood doors need periodic resealing or refinishing. They are not the best choice of entry doors for homeowners who want to avoid time-consuming maintenance projects.

Fiberglass Doors

In new construction projects where maintenance considerations are the highest priority affecting the choice of entry doors, fiberglass is clearly the best fabrication to work with. They are also the best choice available for new construction projects in harsh climates, or in damp climates with high humidity levels.

Fiberglass doors won’t rust or collect dings and dents, unlike steel doors. They also don’t warp or rot over time, as wood doors do. In comparison, fiberglass doors are much easier for homeowners to maintain. To clean a fiberglass door in most climates, the homeowner only has to use ordinary soap and water.

Fiberglass doors are more secure and more energy efficient than wood doors.

These three materials are currently the most popular choices for entry doors in the United States. Now that you’re a bit more educated about your options for entry doors, we hope this information will empower you to select the best doors for new construction.

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