How Do You Program a Garage Door Opener?

Garage Door OpenerToday, it’s relatively simple to program a garage door opener. Due to the latest smart technology, it’s as easy as pushing a button or two, according to Do It Yourself.

First, find the button close to where the wiring itself feeds into the opener, usually inside its cover or near the light. Push and release the button. Next, the light-emitting diode should stay lit for approximately 30 seconds or so. Within that frame of time, push and then hold the remote’s button that you want to use to open your garage door. Once you hear two clicks or the lights on the garage door opener flicker twice, simply release the button. At this point, it should now be programmed.

Other Programming Features

Here are some other key programming features you can do with your remote.

Control Your Lights

You can additionally program a garage door opener to control your lights that turn on once the garage door is triggered. First, stand near the door control device that’s attached to your home, near the entryway from your garage that leads into your home. Choose a different button on your remote that you want to use to operate the lights. Push and then hold that particular button with the garage door shut, while you push and then hold down the button on the garage door control that works to turn on the light. Next, on the door control, push and then hold down the lock button while still pushing the light button. When the lights flicker on the garage door, let go of all buttons. The lights are now programmed.

Dip Switch Remotes

Some older style garage door opener models require that you set a sequence of dip switches, sometimes as many as twelve, on both the remote and opener to the exact same pattern. The switches are usually located on the opener close to where the wiring itself feeds into the element, often affixed in a separate box or behind the light cover. In order to access the remote’s switches, open the remote’s battery compartment. Each switch has both an ‘on’ and ‘off’ position. Simply set both the opener and the remote’s switches to the same positions. For instance, switches 1-4 may be in the ‘off’ position, while switches 5-12 may be toggled in the ‘on’ position. Make them match one another, and then proceed to test your remote. Refrain from using settings that are too simple, such as all the buttons ‘on’, or all ‘off’, since burglars will have an easier time cracking the code.

How to Erase All Codes From Your Unit’s Memory

Need to erase all your codes? Simply press and then hold down the ‘learn’ button on the motor unit until you see the learn indicator light go out (about five seconds). Now, all previously programmed codes are erased. You can easily reprogram each keyless or remote entry you want to use. Again, press and then hold down the ‘enter’ button. Release the button once the opener unit’s lights start blinking. If your opener doesn’t have light bulbs installed, you’ll hear two clicks instead.

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After following these steps and your garage door opener still doesn’t respond to your programming efforts, try to unplug your receiver for a full minute, and try again. Be sure that your new battery is correctly installed in the handheld transmitter. If you’re still having trouble properly programming your garage door opener, call the manufacturer for assistance. Although it’s relatively easy to program a garage door opener, sometimes unforeseen problems arise.