How Do You Paint a Fiberglass Entry Door?

Fiberglass Entry DoorLearning how to properly paint a fiberglass entry door is important to you. You are proud of your home and first impressions are important to you. Attention to detail is essential in order to make your home look its best. That includes your fiberglass entry door. Over time, it may need a fresh coat of paint or you may want to spice things up by going with a bold, new color. Be sure to take the proper steps in painting your fiberglass door for the best results.

Prepare For Painting Your Fiberglass Entry Door

Your first step is to choose the proper type of paint. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store and review your options. You should also be aware of what type of fiberglass door you have. The fiberglass in your door may be polyester-based resin or it may be epoxy resin. You will need to choose paint that is a polyester-based or epoxy resin to match the type of door you have. This will provide you with the best finish and assurance that your coat of paint will adhere well to the door for durability.

The brand name and price should not be the decisive factor in choosing paint for your fiberglass entry door. Make it a top priority to choose a quality paint that will also have blocking resistance. Remember that you will need an exterior paint.

You also have options regarding the shine of your paint. You can choose a flat paint without any shine, a regular gloss, or a high gloss. It’s all a matter of preference. When it comes to primer, you can opt for a latex, urethane, or epoxy primer, according to Do It Yourself. You may have the best results when you choose a primer and paint from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. The right type of paint and primer will ensure that your paint bonds well to the door. You can avoid flaking or bubbling paint and it will protect the surface of your door for a long time.

Painting Your Fiberglass Entry Door

Before you actually begin painting your door, make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water. Allow it to dry and apply primer. While some experts suggest that primer isn’t necessary, it will ensure that you have a smooth surface before applying your top coat of paint. Primer will also cover any imperfections in the surface of your door. Evenly apply your primer with a wide brush on the main surface of your door.

A smaller brush will be best for those areas that are hard to reach. Wait at least 12 hours for your primer to dry completely. Sand your door with sandpaper. A 120 grit is appropriate. You only need a light sanding and should wipe the surface down with a clean rag to remove any dust.

Apply your paint next, working with the outer area first and then focusing on the main panel. You should wait at least six hours before you apply your second coat. If you are painting the interior side of the door, follow the same steps for preparation for the exterior. The main difference will be the type of paint. Make sure you choose interior paint when working inside your home.

Important Tips for the Best Finish on Your Fiberglass Entry Door

When painting your fiberglass entry door, choose a time of year when the weather is mild. It will be easiest to paint the door by removing it. This may be possible if you have a screen door. Otherwise, protect surfaces in the surrounding area to ensure paint does not get on your floor and walkway. Apply light coats of paint for the most attractive finish. A clear coat of paint is not necessary for your fiberglass entry door. Wait until your paint has dried completely before touching the surface of your door or adding any decorative accents.

With patience and the proper types of paint, you can have a beautiful finish on your fiberglass door. Take the time to choose a paint that will complement your home and stand up to the test of time. Make sure it is the proper match for the type of fiberglass door. When it doubt, ask for assistance from competent staff members when you are selecting your supplies. Take your time when you apply your primer and paint. When you paint a fiberglass entry door with care, you will have a beautiful finish that is built to last.

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