How Do You Install a Security Door?

Security DoorsNeed to install a security door? While shopping around for your new door, be sure you have your door jamb measurements with you. Measure the entire width, from jamb to jamb. In some homes, the door frames aren’t fully square, so it’s best to measure three times: across the bottom of the door jamb, the top and center. Use the smallest measurement when you order or buy your new security door, according to Do It Yourself or Not.

The next step is to measure the door’s height starting at the head jamb down to the threshold. It’s likely the door opening will measure 80” high by 30” or 36” wide. If the door opening is a little bigger than 30” or 36” you can easily shim it for a tight fit. However, if the opening is smaller than ¼” based on the standard dimensions, you’ll need a custom door. Furthermore, be sure there’s enough clearance for the area between the face of the door jamb and the existing door. The majority of security doors need a minimum of 1” clearance between the front edge of the jamb and the door stop. You’ll also need about 1” clearance regarding the jamb face in order to mount the frame of the door. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Determine the Door Swing Direction

Which way do you want the door to open? Decide the direction of the door swing (the new door’s hinges and existing door need to be on the same side) and place the new door in the jamb temporarily. Use a small piece of masking tape to mark the top inside corner of the door as a reference. Next, remove the new door and set it down, hinge-edge facing up. Arrange the hinge frame so it’s flush with the weatherstrip inside the door and the top of the door when it’s shut.

Line-Up the Hinge Frame

Using the pre-drilled holes as your guide, line up the hinges and attach with screws. Some security doors require that you drill the pilot holes first before attaching the hinge screws in some cases.

Cut the Door’s Hinge Frame

The next step is to accurately cut the door’s hinge frame to properly fit the door opening from top to bottom; the measurement will likely be somewhat longer than your door. Correctly mark the door frame’s height on the hinge frame and then cut it according to your measurements. Next, attach the door sweep.

Put Together the Hinge and Door Frame

Assemble the hinge and door frame and hold them in position as you mark the spot of the predrilled hole at the top of the jamb. Drill a 1/8” pilot hole on the mark and install the screw without fully tightening it just yet.

Square Up the Door

Before installing all other screws, shut the door to check for proper alignment. If you notice a gap more than 1/8” between the strike-side jambs and the edge of the door, add a few shims as necessary between the jamb and the hinge frame to fix the gap. Once the door is square and completely opens and shuts without binding, put in another screw near the bottom. Check again for alignment and then put in the remaining screws.

Install the Door’s Head Frame

Be sure that there’s a 1/8” gap between the top of the door and the head frame before you drill your pilot holes and put in the mounting screws.

Assess the Door’s Strike-Side Lock Frame

Next, measure the distance between the threshold and the head frame along the jamb’s strike-side. Hold the strike frame temporarily in position and use a piece of masking tape along the top as your point of reference and then carefully remove the frame on a solid, clean surface. After that, measure starting from the top of the frame marking the entire length of the frame piece towards the lower end and then cut to size with a saw. Place the strike frame to determine that there’s a minimum 1/8” clearance in-between the security door and the frame. Also, look for any gaps behind the door jamb between the jamb and the frame. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any gaps in the section where the latch and deadbolt mortises are located.

Prepare to Cut the Mortises

Use the door’s strike frame as your template to accurately mark both the latch and deadbolt mortises. Using a ½” wood chisel, proceed to cut the door jamb mortise. Try to make the deadbolt mortise about 5/8” deep and the latch bolt mortise around ½” deep or according to the manufacturer’s directions. Position the strike frame, check the clearance of the door, and then proceed to screw the door to the jamb starting at the top, followed by attaching the hardware.

Lastly, make any final adjustments at the bottom of your new door. Shut the door and push down the expander until you see that the vinyl sweep is making 100 percent contact with the threshold. When it does, tighten all locking screws. Check for binding by opening and closing the door numerous times and then drill your pilot holes and put in the screws to keep the expander from moving.

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As long as you follow each step, it’s a fairly simple process. Now you know how to install a security door and feel good about keeping your family safe.