How Do You Install a Fiberglass Door?

Fiberglass DoorIf you are looking to make an upgrade, you must be wondering how to install a fiberglass door. This is a great choice to help improve curb appeal and to give your house a stylish first impression. It makes an excellent choice if you are looking to rent or sell a house. Fiberglass has undergone tremendous transformation and the new glass can mimic most door materials including wood and metal. This means that you can have a strong door without compromising on curb appeal. Fiberglass doors are made using polyurethane foam and this is five times more energy efficient than most wooden doors. This material is also light and resistant to heat, cold and corrosion. It also does not warp easily. In the home, most of the heat is lost through the entrance and more heat is lost when the door is of poor quality. However, with fiberglass, the foam goes a long way in providing insulation. This makes fiberglass a great choice when installing or replacing a new door. These doors are not hard to install, here is a step to step guide on how to install a fiberglass door.

Remove The Old Door

Using a pry bar, remove the wood and trimmings on the door. The trim obscures the door frame from view. In light of this you also need to remove the trimmings that are toward the outside of the door. In most cases, your old door will be attached onto the hinges and the frame using nails. Begin by knocking the hinge pins out. This will loosen the door and you can now remove the nails using pliers. In most cases, the nails may be impossible to remove. The best way to get them out is using a reciprocating saw. This saw can also be used to cut the frame. Once all the trims are removed, it becomes easy to swing the door and then lift it out of its position.

New Door Preparation

Unless it is a garage door, ideally, most doors have a standard size. However, for your door to fit, your house must be suited for that particular fiberglass door. Measure the door and the frame of the door to ensure it fits. The most important thing at this stage is to ensure that the surface threshold is level and flat. Measure out the house frame and match it against the door. Before you begin installation, ensure that you leave a rough opening of about an inch. This opening will give you room to level, square and plumb the door area. Remember, it is easier to narrow down an opening than to attempt to enlarge it. Ensure that you make accurate measurements. In case the house frame is bigger, you can use several planks of plywood. Nail the plywood in place until you achieve the desired fit.

Seal the Frame

To seal the frame, begin by placing the foil tape under the trims on the door and then fold it tightly in place. Run your fingers through the tape to ensure a watertight seal. To ensure a thorough seal, use aluminum tape to seal around the corners and the sill. Add another strip of aluminum tape on the top sill. Attach the sill to the frame. Cover the metal part with a cedar trim and nail it for better reinforcement. Apply silicone sealant onto the edges and the sill. This will prevent moisture from getting into the bottom part of the frame.

New Door Installation

Hold the new door in place and put the door on the silicone sealant. You may need to get help to hold the door in position as you nail it in place. Begin by nailing it loosely. Using a level, check that the door has been placed in the right position and is positioned square to the frame. Check that the gaps at the top and bottom are uniform. Make any adjustments you see necessary. To test the door, open and close it several times. Once you are satisfied with the fitting, nail the frame in place. Nail the flange with galvanized nails. Cover the sides and flange using aluminum tape. Install the wood trimmings both on the inside and out. Finally, add any hardware onto the door, according to This Old House.

To achieve the desired look, you can stain the textured fiberglass doors. The ones with a smooth finish can be painted. If you wish to paint or stain the door, ensure that you do so within the first six months of purchasing the door so as to achieve better results. Despite the fact that fiberglass doors are sturdy and strong, they are easy to install. The above steps on how to install a fiberglass door would work on metal or wooden doors as well.

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