How Do You Fix a Squeaky Door?

Squeaky Door FixesEvery time you hear that door squeak when someone in your family opens or closes it, you may ask yourself, how do you fix a squeaky door? There are very few things in our everyday life that can be as annoying as a squeaky door opened and shut several times a day. However, just because we want to fix it every time we hear the noise, does not mean we know how. This article discusses different ways on how you fix a squeaky door.

Cleaning the Hinges

One of the biggest reasons for a squeaky door is dirty hinges. Dirty hinges can cause friction, which will lead the hinges to squeak. This problem is most likely located between the hinge and the hinge pin. It could also be located between the two halves of the hinges. To clean the hinges, you need a hammer, a flathead screwdriver, steel wool, paper towels, and machine grade oil. Place the screw under the lip of the top pin and lightly tap upwards to remove the pin. Do the same to the bottom by tapping downwards on the underside of the lip. Be careful not to damage the hinge with the screwdriver. Now take the dirty pin and wrap it in the steel wool to rub the dirt away. If you don’t think it is getting the job done, you can also use a little soap and water as well, but make sure the pin isn’t still damp when you put on the lube. Put the machine grade oil on a paper towel and rub it on the pin. After the pins are oiled, then you can put them back in the hinges by tapping them into place with the hammer.

Use Aerosol Cleaning Oil

Sometimes you don’t even have to take the pin off the door to fix a squeaky door. Aerosol oil like WD-40 can work just as well. Talk to your local hardware store owner to see what he or she recommends for good aerosol cleaning oils for door hinges. Make sure the oil is capable of penetrating the hinges. Use a thin nozzle that can focus on the cracks in the door. After spraying the hinge all over with the oil, open and close the door a few times to get the oil all through the hinges. The squeaking should stop after opening and closing it a few times.

Petroleum Jelly

Remove the pin by shutting the door and tapping it loose with a hammer or a screwdriver. If you are having trouble removing the door, these tips from the home guide section of the San Francisco Chronicle will be helpful. After removing the pin, lightly coat it in petroleum jelly and place it back in the door hinge by lightly hammering it back into place. When putting it back, though, leave a small gap just big enough to wedge a flathead screwdriver into the door hinge. It will not be visible, but it will be much easier to remove again when the hinges need to be oiled or cleaned again.

Don’t have petroleum jelly, aerosol cleaning oil or machine grade oil at hand? Not a problem. There are many other types of lubricants that can work just as well. Everyday household items like cooking oil spray or butter will also work to quiet the squeak in the door. However, using these might not do the job for as long as the lubricants recommended above can, because these do not penetrate the metal as well. They can also dry and leave the pin dirty, causing even more friction later on, which will result in a louder squeak. It is better to use this as a temporary fix when you just can’t stand the squeaking anymore and then better lubricants for a much more permanent fix. Unfortunately, there is no real permanent fix, but these solutions can leave your door hinges quiet for a long time.

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