What is a Stationary Window?

Stationary WindowA stationary window is a large, rectangular pane of glass installed in a wall to allow light into a room and provide a view of outdoor scenery. For example, a stationary window can be used to show off a Japanese rock garden in a courtyard or a flower bed planted in a back yard, according to Houzz. Since¬†they don’t open or have any sliding parts, they’re called stationary windows or picture windows.

Stationary Window Design Ideas

Stationary windows are usually made of thick, heavy glass because they have no supporting structure to divide the window into individual panes. For this reason, they provide a much larger view of outdoor scenery than smaller windows that open and close. They’re a great addition to homes in need of natural light, and they make small rooms look much larger by connecting them to the outside.

There are some issues to be careful of when it comes to stationary windows. Without heavy, dark curtains, it’s very difficult to shut the light out of a room, and they can create a large expense when keeping your house cool in the summer. Vertical blinds are an option for blocking out the sun on hot days, and you can pull these blinds to the side on a rail to let in the light and open the view to the outside.

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If you’re looking for design inspiration for your home, picture windows can be a great addition to a small or dark room. However, be sure to consider the costs of installing a stationary window.