How Often Do You Need To Replace Garage Doors?

Garage DoorHow often you need to replace garage doors isn’t a topic homeowners spend a lot of time pondering. After all, it’s easy to forget about this system until something goes wrong. By understanding what goes into a garage door and what to look out for, you can prevent major problems, nasty surprises, and even personal injury.

What Parts Need To Be Replaced?

A garage door is a marvel of modern technology; there are a number of pieces that must work in perfect unity. However, these parts eventually wear down, require repairs, or need to be replaced entirely. Generally speaking, it’s rare to replace all the systems in a garage door at the same time; homeowners typically only replace the piece that is broken or worn out.

The basic parts of a garage door include the door, the opener, and the springs. Garage door springs need to be replaced the most frequently; they last only about 5 years. A garage door, on the other hand, lasts about 10-20 years. Finally, a garage door opener, assuming regular maintenance is kept up, lasts about 15-20 years.

Signs a Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for problems with a garage door. Catching problems early can prevent larger problems down the road. If you notice any of the following, there’s a good chance that your door needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Sagging
  • Slow operation
  • Odd noises
  • Door is warped
  • Safety features don’t work or aren’t present
  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Rusted tracks
  • Bent tracks
  • Bad smell
  • Door will not open or close

Please remember, it can be hard to tell which system of a garage door is failing. As a result, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to take a look. Otherwise, you may replace a part only to discover it didn’t fix the problem.

Can You Safely Replace a Garage Door?

Many homeowners, to save money, will attempt to complete garage door repair projects themselves. While switching a burnt out light bulb or repainting a door is easy enough, completing more complicated projects yourself is a bad idea.

First, garage door parts are highly specific to the manufacturer and model. This means that it’s very difficult to find the exact part required. Second, the garage door itself is extremely heavy; this makes accidents far too likely. Finally, garage door springs can snap. While a snapped spring may not seem like the biggest deal, these springs are under an extreme amount of tension. In other words, body parts that get in the way of a snapped spring will be damaged, torn, or broken. To keep yourself safe, please hire a professional to replace your garage door, according to Realtor.

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Remember, it’s important to understand what kind of maintenance your garage door needs. With this knowledge, you can stop wondering how often you need to replace garage doors, and instead be sure that yours in in good repair.